Terms and conditions


Please read the terms and conditions of WhaToCast usage agreement carefully before requesting to register on WhaToCast and using the service.

This agreement is legally binding in all its details once you have registered with WhaToCast. By registering for yourself or for the institution to which you belong, you agree to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

This agreement relates to the use of WhaToCast and all the services it provides, including any future updates to WhaToCast and the services it provides (referred to as the "solution") in connection with your acceptance of this Agreement, and any relevant documents. In this agreement, "documents" means any evidence or instructions provided to the user with the solution; Combined "applicable terms" means the subscription period along with the types of devices, the permitted number of devices or WhaatsApp numbers and other terms, conditions and documents of the transaction you agreed to when registering on WhaToCast (including the terms and conditions of the sale) and any distribution agreement, resale agreement, partner agreement or other agreement between you and the Company.

Afaq Altaqanah Integrated LLC (referred to as the "Supplier") may amend this agreement at any time after you have been notified in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, and your continued use of any affected solution at least 30 days after the date of notification will constitute your consent to amend this Agreement. The supplier may request your approval of the amended agreement in order to continue using any affected solutions you have already obtained. If you refuse to accept the amended agreement, the supplier may terminate your use of this affected solution.


  1. User Agreement

You (user) can access ("WhaToCast") in accordance with the terms and conditions of use described below, and they are changed/updated from time to time at the discretion of Afaq Altaqanah Integrated LLC, as described below. This agreement is valid indefinitely and you as a browser and user understand and agree that you are bound by these terms as soon as you browse or use WhaToCast.


  1. 2. Changes

At Afaq Altaqanah Integrated, we reserve the right to add or change/modify the terms of this agreement including but not limited to commenting/canceling, or discontinuing any or all channels, or the service at any time without notice, and make modifications and changes to any or all of the content, products and services contained on the site without prior notice. You will be considered approved of these changes if you continue to access the site after these changes.


  1. 3. Copyright and trademarks

Unless otherwise stated, the copyright and all intellectual property rights in all materials displayed on the site (including but not limited to texts, audio, video or graphic images) and the trademarks and logos that appear on this site are the property of Afaq Altaqanah Integrated Company and are protected by the laws of the Sultanate.


  1. 4. Compensation

You agree to compensate Afaq Altaqanah Integrated and other employees upon request, and to remove damage from any claim or request, including attorney's fees, provided by any third party in connection with or arising from content sent, posted or transmitted from or to WhaToCast or as a result of any transaction made on or through WhaToCast or services or arising from non-compliance with the terms of use.


  1. 5. Individual registration, access to and sharing of information

For WhaToCast services, registration is required by the user. By registering, you agree to the following terms in addition to any other specific terms that are posted in an appropriate location of the site. Each registration is only for an individual user. To access these services, you will be asked to enter the username and password you created while you were registering with WhaToCast.


Therefore, we do not allow any of the following:


  1. 6. Sharing information and other community services

All information, data, text, software, music, sound, images, graphics, videos, messages or other materials, whether transmitted/published publicly or privately, are the responsibility of the only person who created this content and sent it and shared it using WhaToCast.

As a responsible adult (18 years of age or older), you will be solely responsible for all content you upload or transmit in any other way. Afaq Altaqanah Integrated company seeks to provide WhaToCast to communicate with others. You agree not to upload, publish or transmit any defamatory, abusive, or obscene, hateful, racist, racial or unacceptable question or views, or that violate the privacy of others. You may also not engaged in online stalking or become a nuisance to anyone/user.

You may not send, publish, or transmit material or messages containing software viruses or other files designed to interrupt, destroy or adversely influence any electronic equipment in any way in connection with the use of WhaToCast.


  1. 7. Rights of Afaq Altaqanah Integrated

Afaq Altaqanah Integrated Company reserves the right to terminate your account without any prior notice in the result of any violation of the terms of use.


  1. 8. Materials provided by users

Some elements of WhaToCast will contain materials provided by users. Afaq Altaqanah Integrated assumes no responsibility for the content, accuracy and compliance with the applicable laws of these materials.


  1. 9. Advertising materials

Part of WhaToCast contains advertising/other materials submitted to Afaq Altaqanah Integrated Company by third parties. The responsibility to ensure that the material submitted for sharing is in accordance with international law and the laws of Oman is the sole responsibility of advertisers and Afaq Altaqanah Integrated will not be responsible for any claim, error, deletion, or inaccuracy in the advertising materials. Afaq Altaqanah Integrated reserves the right to delete, hold or reposition any advertising material submitted for sharing. The acceptance of ads on the site is subject to the terms and conditions of Afaq Altaqanah Integrated Company that are available on request.


  1. 10. Data protection

Afaq Altaqanah Integrated May send you information and offers of products and services from time to time. For more details regarding our policy regarding this offer, please refer to our privacy statement.


  1. 11. Force majeure

Afaq Altaqanah Integrated assumes no responsibility for any interruption or delay in accessing WhaToCast regardless of the reason.


  1. 12, Entire Agreement.

The terms of service constitute this entire agreement between the parties in relation to the issue mentioned herein and replace all previous or contemporary understandings or agreements, written or oral, in relation to this subject.


  1. 13, General Provisions

Law - These terms of use are subject to the laws of Oman and you are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Oman in relation to any dispute relating to the terms of use of this platform.

Severability- If a court with jurisdiction finds for any reason that any of these terms of use are not enforceable, this term will be applied to the maximum extent permitted in order to influence the intention of the parties and the rest of these terms of use will continue with full power and influence.  

Waiver - The failure of either party to exercise any right or compensation under these terms of use constitutes a waiver of this right or compensation. Afaq Altaqanah Integrated does not waive any of its rights to impose any of these terms of use unless such a waiver is written.

Notifications - Any official notifications of Afaq Altaqanah Integrated Group must be sent to Afaq Altaqanah Integrated LLC on P.O.: A9922, ZIP Code 900 Muscat - Seeb- Oman

Waiver - Afaq Altaqanah Integrated LLC may waive  subcontracting of any or all of its rights under these terms of use at any time. You may not waive any new rights or obligations or subcontract under these terms of use without the prior written consent of Afaq Altaqanah Integrated LLC.