Privacy Policy

Privacy policy and personal and other information processing


  1. 1. Privacy and data processing



  1. 2. Updates

From time to time during the subscription period, without your separate permission or consent, WhaToCast may publish an upgrade or update to any solution or alternative ("update"), and as a result of any such publishing, you may not be able to use the relevant solution or device (or some of the functions available in the device) until such an update is fully installed or activated. Each update will be considered as part of the "solution" for the purposes of the Agreement. Updates can include additions or omissions of certain functions or features provided through any solution or can be fully replaced, and WhaToCast will determine at its absolute discretion the contents, features, and functions of those updates. WhaToCast is not claimed to offer you the option to reject or delay updates, but in any case, you may need to download all available updates and allow them to be installed or activated to get the maximum benefit from the solution. WhaToCast can stop supporting a solution until you accept, install, or activate all updates. WhaToCast can determine, at its sole discretion, when and whether updates are necessary, and there are no obligations on the company to make any updates available to you. At its sole discretion, WhaToCast may stop providing updates to any version of the solution other than the latest version of the solution, or updates that support the use of the solution in relation to any version of operating systems, e-mail software, browser software, or other software with which the solution is designed to work.


  1. 3. Service availability 

This online platform works in accordance with the services and policies of the WhatsApp application provided by Facebook and uses WhatsApp API service. WhatsApp operating and privacy policies are part of this platform's policies and its services depend on Facebook providing WhatsApp API service. If Facebook stops providing WhatsApp API services or changes its policies for this service, it will directly affect the platform's online services.