The platform depends on the WhatsApp mobile application. Whereas, after registering on the platform, the phone number that the subscriber would like to use in the platform is required to be registered and linked with the platform through the "WhatsApp Web" feature, which guarantees the subscriber a high level of privacy and security while using the platform. It is necessary for the WhatsApp to be running on the mobile phone in order to ensure that messages are sent and received through the platform
Yes, you can. You can change the phone number after logging into the platform.
Yes, you can. The daily limit for sent messages is 6,000 messages. Also, you have to be careful because sending to numbers you do not have prior communication with them or they are not interested in what you send, will trigger your number to be ban from the WhatsApp company if the message receiver reports your number. WhaToCast will assist you to communicate with your customers and you can send your business news and offers to them even if they are large numbers
The user can send many individual and bulk messages of various kinds through the platform which they are Text messages, Picture messages, Files, Location and Internet links
Yes, as the platform have a feature that enables the user to send custom bulk messages. and the platform provides a template in an excel file format. An MS Excel file can be uploaded to the platform which will contain mobile numbers and messages, then the platform will send these customized messages.
The platform has three ways to define mobile numbers that can be used for bulk messages, which are Contact groups, Import from MS Excel file, and Manual entry
Yes, the user can define contact groups in the platform and use them later to send bulk messages
Yes, the platform contains the feature of scheduling messages of all kinds, whether individual or bulk messages
Yes, the platform contains a feature for creating message templates ready for frequent use
Yes, the platform provides this feature in the package “Interactive Autoresponder”. Where the users can define customized auto-responses according to their needs.
A special Dashboard screen is provided for each user, as this screen provides the numbers of sent and scheduled messages and messages that were answered through auto-response feature; statistics of sent messages; statistical auto-response messages; daily statistics of the messages; a list of most recently sent messages; and a list of the most recent auto-response message
Yes, as the platform provides a special report for the messages sent, where the user can know the sending time, the time of receipt and the time of the recipient read the message.
Yes, as the platform provides a special report for automatic response messages, so the user can know what his customers are looking for based on the received messages.